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Doctors Areas of Expertise

To assist you in arranging an appointment to see a doctor who has particular expertise in the problem you are experiencing please refer to the list below.

To book your appointment please advise the receptionist that you have checked this list and ask her for an appointment with one of the doctors indicated.   You can also use this list when you are searching for an appointment online.

Procedure / Problem

Book an Appointment To See

Joint Injections Shoulder:                                        Dr. Moncrieff, Dr. Priestman, Dr. Lawrence

Knee:                                              Dr. Priestman, Dr. Lawrence

Hip:                                                 Dr. Priestman, Dr. Lawrence

Elbow:                                             Dr. Priestman. Dr. Lawrence

Plantar fasciitis (feet)                      Dr. Priestman, Dr. Lawrence

Carpal tunnel (hands)                     Dr. Priestman, Dr. Lawrence

De Quervain’s (thumb injection)     Dr. Lawrence

Cryotherapy (freezing with liquid nitrogen) Dr. Moncrieff, Dr. Priestman
Suturing (stitching) Dr. Priestman, Dr. Lawrence
Epley Manoeuvre (for vertigo) Dr. Priestman, Dr. Cleaver
6-7 week baby checks Dr. Moncrieff, Dr. Priestman, Dr. Holt
Renal (kidneys) Dr. Priestman
Heart Failure Dr. Priestman
Aspiration/Drainage of Joints Dr. Lawrence

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