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Sharing Your Medical Records

Summary Care Record (SCR)

If you are registered with a GP practice in England your SCR is created automatically, unless you have opted out. 98% of practices are now using the system.

The SCR is an electronic record of important patient information, created from GP medical records. It can be seen and used by authorised staff in other areas of the health and care system involved in the patient’s direct care.

Access to SCR information means that care in other settings is safer, reducing the risk of prescribing errors. It also helps avoid delays to urgent care.

At a minimum, the SCR holds important information about;

  • current medication
  • allergies and details of any previous bad reactions to medicines
  • the name, address, date of birth and NHS number of the patient

The patient can also choose to include additional information in the SCR, such as details of long-term conditions, significant medical history, or specific communications needs.

Additional information in Summary Care Record

Benefits of using additional information in SCR

When a patient consents to including additional information in their SCR, the GP can add it simply by changing the consent status on the clinical system. This means more information will be available to health and care staff viewing the SCR. It will then be automatically updated when the GP record is updated. This is a quick, cost-effective way to:

  • improve the flow of information across the health and care system
  • increase safety and efficiency
  • improve care
  • respond to particular challenges such as winter pressures.

It’s particularly useful for people with complex or long term conditions, or patients reaching end of life.

More Information

For further information visit the NHS Care records website or the HSCIC Website

A patient can also opt out of having an SCR by returning a completed opt-out form to their GP practice.

Sharing Your GP medical records with other healthcare professionals involved in your care

Health services in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutlancd are introducing a new system of sharing medical records between a GP practice and other NHS organisations.

The system will allow the healthcare professional who provides you with care, to view information in your GP medical record.  Viewing your record will help to improve the quality of your care and potentially save lives.

For further information on:

  • Who will be able to view your medical records
  • What inforamtion can be viewed or blocked
  • If you give permission to view how long does this last
  • Can you refuse to allow GP’s to share your information
  • Can you change your mind
  • How will information be kept secure?
  • How can you find out who has viewed your medical record
  • Is there a danger someone els could hack into your record ot that your information could be lost

Please use the links below

Your information, Your choice

Sharing your medical records

Risk stratification Information Sharing and Data Processing Agreement

What is risk stratification? There are two kinds of risk stratification

1. The first kind is a process for identifying some patients within a Practice who might benefit from extra assessment or support with self-care because of the nature of their health problems.  The process is a mixture of analysis of information by computer followed by review of the results by a clinical team at the Practice.

2. The second kind is a process for identifying patients of ill health and needs across our local population. This will be done by pulling together all the information in an anonymissed file (where your identity has been removed) to look at patterns and trends of illness across Leicestershire and Rutland as a whole.  For further information please use the links below.

FAQs for patients – Risk Stratification

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